Veneering Materials Overview

 The VITA VM family of porcelains is designed to allow the production of highly esthetic restorations in a very short amount of time. The VM system features two easy buildup techniques regardless of the substructure (PFM or all-ceramic). Plus, VM porcelains are part of the VITA system of restorative solutions and blend perfectly with all VITA 3D-Master and VITA Classical shaded materials. This means that no matter what the need, from single anteriors to challenging combination cases, you are assured a comprehensive system of VITA materials that feature the superior shade match, esthetics and reliability you have come to expect.

Show here are the two VM buildup techniques – the “basic layering” 2-powder and the added depth of the “buildup layering” 3-powder technique:


Basic Layering Technique video

Buildup Layering Technique video

For details on the VM porcelains specific to your substructure, click a picture or link below:

VITA VM7 porcelain is perfect for aluminous all-ceramic substructures


For all-ceramic substructure materials in the CTE range of approximate 7.2-7.9 (such as VITA In-Ceram Alumina, Spinell, Zirconia, and VITA In-Ceram AL )

VITA VM 9 is perfect for veneering YZ all-ceramic substructures


For all-ceramic substructure materials in the CTE range of approximate 10.5 (such as VITA In-Ceram YZ-Cubes) and for individualizing VITABLOCS Mark II



VITA VM 11 is a low-melting fine-structure feldspar ceramic in the CTE range of 11,2 – 11,6 that has been developed especially for individualizing crown substructures made of zirconia reinforced lithium silicate ceramic (ZLS).

VITA VM13 is perfect for veneering PFMs


For veneering metal substructures in the conventional CTE range of approximate 13.8-15.2