VM9 preop photo VM9 central after restoration by Dr. Ed McLaren
Before VM9 After VM9
  Dentistry by Dr. Ed McLaren


  New Effect Opals and Sun Dentines now available:
Thanks to the range of the new firing-resistant Effect Opal materials (EO) in five shade nuances for VITA VM9, a suitable material is now available to reproduce the natural situation: from highly opalescent to whitish, and bluish to dark violet.

Effect Opal porcelain

Three new Sun Dentine materials add much more luminosity and are particularly suitable for supporting the shade effect of the ceramic in the cervical and body areas.

Sun Dentine porcelain

VITA VM 9 now available in VITA 3D-Master AND VITA Classical Shades
VITA VM 9 was specially designed as a high-fusing, fine-structure feldspar ceramic for ZrO2 substructures partially stabilized with yttrium in the CTE range of approx. 10.5. The CTE is precisely adjusted to zirconium dioxide materials, which guarantees optimum bonding and absolutely reliable results.This 3D-Master and VITA Classical shaded porcelain is compatible with VITA’s In-Ceram YZ Cubes for CEREC®and many of today’s zirconia substructure materials.Advantages:

  • Reliable results
  • Optimal processing characteristics such as superior stability and minimized shrinkage behavior
  • Outstanding firing stability even after several firing processes
  • Superior milling and polishing properties, especially in situ
  • Homogeneous and dense surfaces
  • Proven high similarity with enamel
  • More dynamics of light, more luminosity, more shades thanks to a comprehensive range of additional materials for individualization

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