Vitablocs real life allow superior, lifelike anterior restorations Vitablocs RealLife results speak for themselves!
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Ceramics: Eddie Corrales, CDT and Mike McIntee, CDT
Dentistry: Dr. John Cross, Newport Beach, CA

Truly natural anterior esthetics with a simple mouse click

Introducing the only machinable block that mimics the tooth’s natural enamel-layered-over-dentin design for anterior esthetics that look just like natural teeth. Custom positioning in the CEREC® software allows a nearly infinite choice of 3-dimensional placement for amazing individual effects. And while the extreme esthetic possibilities may be new, VITABLOCS RealLife benefit from being composed of the same fine-structure feldspar ceramic found in highly successful VITABLOCS Mark II (proven over 25 years in millions of cases) making RealLife the perfect combination of proven longevity and new technology.

VITABLOCS® RealLife for CEREC®/inLab MC XL

VITABLOCS RealLife for superior CADCAM EstheticsVITABLOCS RealLife are the first CAD/CAM machinable ceramic blocks to offer 3-dimensional esthetics, utilizing the latest Sirona software solution.


• Fast, simple and natural chairside anterior restorations
• More accurate and detailed simulation of natural tooth structure and esthetics
• Design flexibility with movement in all three spatial directions
• Position of the restoration in the block can be changed with the software at will to reproduce the shade effect in regard to translucency, chroma, and lightness
• Eliminates the need for characterizing with stains or individualizing with layered veneering materials
• Maximizes the potential of CAD/CAM technology
• Made of VITABLOCS fine-structure feldspar ceramic, clinically proven millions of times over 25 years

Highly esthetic full and partial anterior crowns and veneers; up to and including premolars

Flexural strength values of approx. 150 MPa and modulus of elasticity of approx. 45 GPa

Product type/shape
VITABLOCS feldspar ceramic in size RL-14/14 (14 x 14 x 18mm) and 6 shades: 0M1C, 1M1C, 1M2C, 2M1C, 2M2C and 3M2C.

• VITABLOCS RealLife (1724E)