VITA Metal Instruments are made of stainless steel with uniform, easy-to-use handles. The blades and tips are actually soldered into the handles. The full length of each instrument is approximately 14 to 16 cm.


Metal Instruments
Order No. Description

  • A51-156 Separating Knife, E-21
  • A51-152 Modeling Knife for Ceramics, E22
    For modeling interproximal spaces
  • A51-153 Modeling Spatula for Ceramics, E23. With flexible blade, also suitable for the spatula build-up technique
  • A51-151 Fissure Instrument, E-24. For creating main fissures
  • A51-155 Modeling Conical Instrument, E-25. For creating finer fissures on masticatory surfaces
  • A51-154 Scraping Instrument, E-26. For vibrating, pressing and scraping
  • A51-158 Modeling Instrument
  • A51-250 Ceramic Crown Forceps. For risk free handling of all-ceramic restorations
  • A51-254 Emeret Carver


VITA Standard Ceramic Instrument Set
No. A51-002
This set contains the essential instruments for ceramic work in a practical black leather zipper case.

VITA Expert Ceramic Instrument Set
No. A51-001

The VITA Expert Ceramic Instrument Set provides specialized instruments and brushes suitable for all fields and techniques of dental porcelain work.

Additional Instruments
Order No. Description

  • A51-161 K & B Modeling Instrument #3
  • A51-251 Glass Mixing Rod
  • A51-252 Curved Point Foil Tweezers
  • A51-253 Straight Point Foil Tweezers
  • A51-255 Platinum Foil Scissors
  • A51-190 Furnace Forceps
  • A51-256 Curved Artery Forceps
  • A51-261 Glass Spatula
  • A51-263 In-Ceram Glass Spatula
  • A51-290 VITA Sponge