VITA North America serves the expanding dental and dental laboratory market with the development and distribution of select high quality materials and equipment.



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The VITA VACUMAT 6000 M now in limited edition now available in eight colors, provides precision-controlled fast cooling, power failure protection and automatic temperature adjustment before every program. This eye catcher in your laboratory or practice allows you to customize your experience and select only the features you want. The vPad excellence has a robust 1000 programs and the ability to control up to four furnaces from one single control unit. Click here to learn more.


VITA NP BOND Paste (NP: non-precious) improves bonding between metal frameworks and veneering ceramics, particularly in the case of specific non-precious metal dental alloys. When using these specific alloys,VITA NP BOND Paste provides dental technicians with greater reliability in fabricating veneers that offer superior long-term stability
and esthetics. Click here to learn more


The VITA AKZENT Plus Stain system guarantees unbeatable freedom for your practice and laboratory. It is suitable for all dental ceramic materials and any CTE. New shades, new applications, new indications – with VITA AKZENT Plus the choice is yours. Be it powder, paste or spray, you decide how you want to use VITA AKZENT Plus for maximum cost-efficiency that suits your needs. Click here to learn more.


VITA Easyshade Advance 4.0 is total shade control in the palm of your hand. Optimal shade determination is now easier than ever, thanks to new functions for automatic measurement. With cutting edge measurement technology and durable LED components, VITA Easyshade Advance 4.0 offers precision that is twice as effective as that of the human eye. Click here to learn more.

VITA Bleachedguide 3D-Master

VITA Enhanced Bleachedguide 3D-MASTER®: Planning and monitoring the tooth whitening process has never been easier or more accurate than with the newly enhanced VITA Bleachedguide 3D-Master. The proven VITA Bleachedguide 3D-Master now integrates the 29 shade levels defined by the American Dental Association (ADA), the globally recognized standard for shade level assessment. Click here to learn more.

ENAMIC_cropped VITA Enamic VITA is proud to introduce an entirely new category of CAD/CAM material, VITA ENAMIC®, the first hybrid dental ceramic in the world with a dual-network structure that combines the best properties of ceramic and composite materials. Click here to learn more.
VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS HighSpeed Sintering Furnace: TheVITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS is capable of sintering up to 25 units as well as 9-unit bridges in 80 minutes starting from room temperature. Click here to learn more.
VMK Master – The Next Generation of Proven VMK Porcelains
From simple minimal powder buildups to the more complex cases, VITA VMK Master’s optimum properties make it suitable for veneering nearly all types of dental alloys. With VMK Master, you can count on excellent working properties, improved modeling, easy handling, minimal shrinkage, and accurate esthetic results. Click here to learn more.
TriLuxe forte milling blocs offer three different color saturations and three different translucencies integrated into one bloc. Click here to learn more.
 Rapid Layer Technology combines YZ frameworks with milled CAD/CAM Vitablocs overlays Rapid Layer Technology

Benefit now from VITA Rapid Layer Technology and prepare a fully anatomical, multi-unit bridge restoration with a fully computer-assisted manufacturing procedure. Innovative software automatically calculates the milling data and full contour milled TriLuxe forte veneering structures combine with high strength milled YZ frameworks for easy processing and production.Click here to learn more.